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2011 Submissions

2010 Submissions

Circle Generator Circle Generator Rated Stars randomly generate circles and have them be affected by physics! Gadgets - Other Landscape Generator Landscape Generator Rated Stars randomly generate landscape and have it be affected by physics! Simulation - Other Ramps and Balls Ramps and Balls Rated Stars Collect the red energy as you fall through the ramps! Puzzles - Falling Space Collector Space Collector Rated Stars Fly through space avoiding planets and collecting stars! Action - Other Graviton Graviton Rated Stars Play with gravity in this realistic physics engine! Simulation - Other Mouse Geometry Mouse Geometry Rated Stars Change the shape with your mouse! Action - Other Fly Through Space Fly Through Space Rated Stars Move the mouse to change course! Gadgets - Other Mouse Mobile Mouse Mobile Rated Stars Move the mouse to have the shapes follow you. Gadgets - Other Spectrum Tunnel Spectrum Tunnel Rated Stars Move your mouse to control where the colors come from Gadgets - Other Falling Lightning 2 Falling Lightning 2 Rated Stars Catch the lightning! Skill - Collect The Red Game The Red Game Rated Stars Avoid the squares in this 3D environment! Skill - Avoid Demon Shooter Demon Shooter Rated Stars Fight against hellish demons in this brightly-colored platformer! Platformer - Other Color Clock 2 Color Clock 2 Rated Stars Watch the colors change based on the time of day! Gadgets - Other Color Clock Color Clock Rated Stars A clock that changes colors based on the time of day! Gadgets - Other Line Bounce Line Bounce Rated Stars Draw lines and have balls realistically bounce! Gadgets - Other Falling Lightning Falling Lightning Rated Stars Get the lightning before it hits the ground! Get powerup lightning for different effects! Skill - Collect Bucket Shooter Bucket Shooter Rated Stars Shoot the ball into the bucket! With more points, the bucket moves faster! Shooter - Fixed